What are the advantages of Jungle Software?

1. Project's creation time saving

Imagine a make-up of one hundred page-long magazine. The make-up contains 400 raster images on average. Now imagine that you need to adjust a half of those images on sharpness or color contrast in Photoshop. Suppose, it takes 5 minutes to adjust one image. As a result, you would spend 1,000 minutes or more than 16 hours or more than 2 working days! Would you rather do it in 2 hours? Jungle Software scripts are able to perform such task in even shorter time.

2. Maximum images' quality saving

Jungle Software scripts can adjust the images like no other. That is why there is no need to add trust scaling, rotating and similar operations to the process of exporting document in PGF performed in InDesign. Entrust the Jungle Software scripts with a final adjustment. They perform the technological operations in the environment that created the images. It is crucial for your image quality!

3. HD space saving

While performing purely technological operations such as images' scaling or cutting and also deleting superfluous or unused information from them with help of Jungle Software scripts, you are essentially reducing space, occupied by these files on your HD, and also reducing both creation time and reserve copies' size.

What's this?

This is a Jungle Software script set suited for Adobe Creative Suite 2 (version 1.7) and Adobe Creative Suite 3 (version 1.8), containing scripts for Photoshop CS2/CS3, Illustrator CS2/CS3, InDesign CS2/CS3 and Bridge CS2/CS3. Jungle Software scripts are applicable for both Mac OS X (PowerPC or Intel) and Windows platforms.